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LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization

Brian ShumwayLinkedIn has established itself as the social media for business in a big way. Here come the stats (hold onto your butts!): LinkedIn currently has over 277 million users and a staggering 40% of those check it daily. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check on potential hires, customers are 50% more likely to purchase from companies that they engage with on LinkedIn, and 53% of B2B companies find customers through LinkedIn.

So what does that mean for you and your business?

It means that there is a massive, well-targeted, and extremely interactive audience at your fingertips. But you already have your personal profile and your business page all squared away, right? Wrong. Probably.

Believe it or not, there are several SEO tips and tricks you can use to greatly increase your personal and business presence on LinkedIn in order to appear in search results more often and in more relevant positions in native LinkedIn searches as well as Google searches. For example, let’s use the term “Inbound Marketing Manager” and punch it into Google:

An astounding 4 out of 10 results on the first page are from LinkedIn. So what happens when you click on one of these results?

Congratulations, Scott – you are number 1 of 372. But how did he get there? What can you do to maximize your exposure and increase your profile position?

1. Completely Fill Out Your Profile

Fill out every single field that you possibly can, and do so using descriptive keywords. The more information you enter, the more searches you will be relevant for in the eyes of LinkedIn. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard and stuff your profile with keywords, even if people do find your profile – they won’t find it interesting.

LinkedIn even has a tool to help you fill out the various fields and they provide helpful suggestions along the way. Take the time and write out clear, honest, and accurate information. Don’t go overboard and write extremely long and verbose descriptions. I once asked how long one of my essays should be and a wise man told me: “it should be like a skirt – long enough to cover the material, but short enough to still be interesting.” Go with that.

2. Claim Your Custom URL

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to help with your LinkedIn SEO. You can edit your profile and give yourself a nice and easy to remember URL that you can put on your resume or your website. If you can, make sure to use your full name in the URL. If some photographer from NY happens to have the same name and beats you to your URL, don’t fret. Just make sure to use some variation of your name to make your profile fit you – and your business card.

3. Use Keyword Rich Job Titles

It may seem obvious, but making the best use of your job titles gives you a definite advantage over those who do not. Again, there is no need to lie or embellish your accomplishments – just be descriptive about what you have done. Remember Scott? Take a look at his current title.

He clearly knows how to use SEO to his advantage. Not only is the title descriptive, but he uses the technique of separating very specific keywords with the | symbol, much like page titles on websites. There is no question about what he does and there are 7 solid keywords in there. You don’t have to get that deep into it, you can make small positive changes that will help your profile get more views.

Source: www.linkedin.com