Engine Optimization Secrets

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

When you open this book, you′ll feel as though you′re sitting down with experts who are disclosing rare information about search engine optimization. You′ll benefit from the authors′ success as SEO professionals while they uncover tactics, strategies, and secrets for using SEO to improve rankings and drive traffic to specific sites. Additionally, the book contains two full–length annotated SEO reports to help you take your consulting to the professional level.

The Insider′s Guide to:

  • Understanding search engine optimization like the pros
  • Making money from SEO consulting
  • Getting into the inner circles of the SEO industry
  • Choosing the right SEO troubleshooting tools for your SEO problems
  • Fixing search engine penalties
  • Using your competitors to your advantage
  • Using alternative search engines
  • Testing your SEO for optimal performance

The Secrets series reveals:

  • Authoritative information in highlighted areas
  • Exceptional advice in the margin notes
  • Unique insight from years of author experience
  • Rarely revealed tips and techniques
  • Invaluable shortcuts and workarounds
  • Insider Tips – Expert advice to help you optimize performance
  • Valuable Insights – Eye–opening descriptions of poorly documentedor undocumented features and procedures
  • Unbeatable Advice – Real–world workarounds and little–known tipsand techniques

About the Author

Danny Dover is a passionate SEO consultant and influential writer. During his tenure at SEOmoz.org (as Lead SEO), he did SEO consulting for many of the world′s most popular websites including Facebook, Microsoft, and Comcast. His oft–cited expertise has been translated into Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, and Hungarian. He has spoken at numerous SEO conferences and his writings have been accessed online in more than 175 different countries. Erik Dafforn is Executive Vice President and Director of Organic SEO for Intrapromote, LLC, a Cleveland–based Search and Social Marketing firm. He′s written over 200 articles on SEO strategy and techniques.

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