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Seo Advice / May 27, 2021

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Search engines like Google play a vital role in our online presence. Search engine keyword rankings are important since searching and finding information on the internet is an integral part of everyone’s life. People use search engines for everything today. Regardless of what the competition holds it is important to have a very strong presence in search engines. Facebook, Amazon and other giants give tough competition to Google but they serve a different motive compared to Google. Whether it is local search rankings or nationwide being on top of Google rankings can make huge difference to your online Business.
A great free search engine rank checking tool should be part of every webmaster, site owner and online marketers. Shifting through Google results page after page is a tedious process. Keyword rank checkers like Search engine genie’s Google keyword position checker helps ease that process. We reduce a lot of time by giving a free keyword ranking tool which you can use every day to check your search engine rankings.

  1. Monitoring your search engine presence everyday helps you build a great strategy for future improvement in search positioning
  2. Maintaining and targeting certain set of keywords help you stay focused.
  3. Targeting a big set of keywords is important to diversify your rankings. It is important to monitor most of the keywords to make sure you are making good progress.
  4. Checking keyword rankings on a regular basis will help you choose the right contents and right keywords to target. You can monitor your user behavior using tools like Google analytics and statcounter and understand what they search and how they reach your website. Certain keywords convert much better than other keywords. Targeted long tail keywords are much better than generic competitive short keywords. Keyword position checker helps you target the right keywords.
  5. Getting to the top of search engines is one thing, consolidation your position is different. You might have great search engine rankings but how will you know where you are ranking on a regular basis? You need a free keyword position tracker tool to know you are staying in the same position.
  6. Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is nothing without keyword rankings. You need a great tool to use regularly for reporting or monitoring purposes.
  7. Feeding the search engines the right stuff what they want can be achieved by tracking your keywords regularly. When you know what keywords you are ranking and which website pages rank you will know how to better improve those pages for search engines.
  8. Higher ranking means higher website traffic in turn better Business.
  9. Search engine algorithmic changes happen all the time. Though it is not important to concentrate on algorithmic changes if you have a great site it is important we monitor our presence in search engines. Wild changes in search engines can happen when there are major updates. For example Panda update and Penguin update shifted the way they whole SEO industry works. Only way to know this is to check your Google keyword rankings regularly.
  10. Search engine traffic is very cost effective but hugely successful. When you monitor your keyword ranking I am sure you will have a great strategy and goals for your users.
  1. It is completely free to use not registration, no limitation etc. No keyword limitations
  2. Can monitor keywords in different countries. You can select your country, enter the keywords and one time entering captcha that’s it you can find your position in your favorite country Google results.
  3. Compare Google rankings across multiple countries. You can select different countries and compare your results to make sure you have a great global presence.
  4. Very simple to use, our Google rank checker tool is very simple to use. Lots of free Google rank checking tools spread over the internet are either paid or difficult to use.
  5. Super fast results, our rank checker is fast and delivers results at great speeds.
  6. Simple interface – The way we designed our page is to give you simple user experience whether it is mobile phone, tabs or desktops. Whatever platform you use our keyword ranking tool is very simple and user friendly.
  7. No hidden agenda, no hidden cost to use. Search engine genie has provided this tool totally FREE for over 10 years and we will continue to keep it free. We don’t have any hidden agenda or future plans to make this limited.
  8. Mobile friendly interface. Our keyword ranking tool is the most mobile friendly out there. Though most of traffic to our page is from a desktop we strive hard to give best mobile experience to users.
  9. Accuracy: Our tool is quite accurate; there are many factors that affect a search engine position. Location from where you are searching, which Google datacenter our tool is querying etc. If you are sitting in Australia or UK and want to check results there will be minor difference from the results since Google uses geo targeting based on your IP and location. Comparatively our results are fairly accurate.
  10. Round the clock maintenance. We have developers who keep our website working round the clock. We have a good hosting company that supports us. We do everything possible to keep our Google ranking tool up and running.

How to use our tool? (Read this using Google translate if you are from non-English speaking countries)

Though we provide a simple user friendly interface there are users especially from non-English speaking countries sometimes finding it hard to use our SEO ranking tool! First make sure you have your keywords to be checked ready. Enter your keyword in the keyword box one at a time and enter the website address / URL in the website box. Solve the simple number captcha. This is one of the easiest captcha if you know simple Mathematics. You need to add 2 numbers. For example 2 + 2 = 4. You need to enter the sum of 2 numbers in the box and you just need to enter one time. After you enter the correct sum of the numbers click submit, that’s it you are done. After you check one keyword phrase and getting your result, check your other keywords too. If you still have troubles write to use at and we are ready to help you.

Search engine genie will continue to serve this internet community with more SEO / website tools. Google has played an integral part of search engine genie. We will keep our tools working for long enough. Use our keyword ranking tool regularly and write to use if you have questions.