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Software / October 19, 2016

If you start monitoring a keyword like "buy a cellphone" you will see positions of all 100 domains for this keywords, regardless of what domain you monitor. Of course you can chose to highlight your own domain and domains of your closest competitors, but you'll still get complete data for each keyword.

Monitor How The Positions Of Your Competitors Are Changing

Serpstat shows how the positions of your competitors are changing and let's you know when a new competitor appears or someone gets pushed out of the top-100 positions.

Monitoring positions of your competitors is an important part of using rank tracking. With traditional rank trackers you have to add each competitor to your project if you want to know how their positions are changing:

And this is a list of competitors within a keyword group. I created a keyword group named "Style" where only the keywords that refer to clothes, accessories, shoes are present.

SERP by phrase, Storm, and Snippets

Storm — this graph shows how the rankings for the tracked keyword changed in the Google top-100 organic results regarding the previous date. Thus you can see how active the Google SERP was changing from the moment you started tracking this keyword.

SERP by phrase chart shows how Google's top-10 was changing for the tracked keyword.

Use this graph for competitive analysis. You can even delete the competitors you are not interested in and leave the necessary ones. Just tick the box.

SERP Snippets — here you can check how your SERP snippets looked like at the different days (according to the schedule of rank tracking).

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