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Software / July 12, 2017

23 Effective SEO TipsToday, virtually every large company keeps a business blog. In 2012, blogs make money, launch careers and win Pulitzers. And business blogs are ABSOLUTELY VITAL for company promotion and SEO.

A good business blog is original, interesting and consistent. It is well-designed, optimized and finely strategized. It drives traffic, promotes your brand, generates leads and plays a HUGE role in your SEO marketing strategy.

Know and Value your audience

Before you write a word, imagine the people who may read your blog. Of course, it will make some time and analysis to know for sure

Essentially, this is your audience:


Above all, be persistent and consistent with your posting so you can build trust among your growing followers.

A Blog Theme

First consider what you want your blog to accomplish:

Do you want to drive web traffic, drive foot traffic, generate leads, or generally promote your business?

  • You can position yourself as an industry expert.
  • You can become an authority on a specific niche.
  • You can target a devoted local audience by blogging about your community.
  • you can use creativity or humor to craft a unique voice

Choosing A Topic

What is interesting to your audience? What bores them to sleep and kills all conversions (document management?).

It's recommended that you check out some popular existing blogs within your industry. See what they're writing about and which of their posts are most often viewed and shared; maybe even put these stats into an excel spreadsheet.

Fishing for Viral Hits

Look for good keyword value. What keyword phrases are big enough to be significant but small enough to be accessible. How can you exploit this opportunity with a well SEO’d article? Believe it or not, sizable web businesses have been launched on the back of a well timed blog post.

Pick a good Topic

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