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Tips / March 4, 2018

How To Optimize Images For Search Engines, Social Media and PeopleSearch Engine Optimization has come a long way since its origins. But it is no less important than it was before, having evolved into something more sophisticated and pure than the keyword stuffing that used to be prominent across the web. It is more refined, and the penalty against shady tactics makes it worth a website’s while to do it right. Keeping up to date with the latest tactics a good first step.

On-Page SEO is some of the most tricky to master. Unlike content based keywords, it has to be placed in just the right way. You walk a very thin line between perceived crawler spam and effective keyword density. Likewise, figuring out the right combination of terms for metadata can be difficult at best. Trial and error is normal, but frustrating when the pieces just aren’t quite fitting together. No one likes seeing less results than they hoped for.

What Signals of a Quality Web Page: E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and MoreIt goes beyond how to present your optimizations. Keyword research and the latest algorithm changes by the ever evolving Google also come into play. It is a complicated, but rewarding, business. The right strategy can make the difference between a site that become a viral hit, and one that remains obscure and unvisited.

Here you can find all topics related to SEO. Learn the perfect tools to help you find the right keywords to implement into your overall plan. Find out the latest news on restrictions being placed on engine crawlers. Get useful tips to really up your metadata optimization game. Or just discover the connection between your website layout and menu design, and how it impacts your search engine ranking.

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The article was updated April 2017. Please post comments to add up-to-date tips and tools Optimize your images for search engines: Use keywords in alt text, text around the image, file name, page title; Set up separate search-engine-accessible image folder; Use reasonable image file size (here are wordpress plugins to optimize images). Limit number of […]

Google started releasing their quality raters’ guidelines to the public last year – the step which you get to admire for its openness and helpfulness (Or they just figured they couldn’t do anything about it because the guidelines kept leaking, so they figured they’d rather build a good PR off that). The most recent copy […]

Organizing Your Keyword Modifiers (SEJ)We moved away from 10 blue links per page long time ago: Google’s search results page real estate is much more complicated these days providing us with new opportunities as well as more challenges. Last week I hosted #SEMrushchat talking about different types of Google’s search results and what they mean for brands. Here are […]

Long time ago I wrote a short (yet quite complete) post on image SEO which obviously needed an update, so a couple of weeks ago I wrote a bit more detailed and up-to-date article on optimizing images for search and social media. Today’s article lists most essential WordPress plugins to optimize and make the most […]

I’ve lately had to deal with a huge database-driven website. What troubled me most was the huge navigation menus – and I am wracking my brain over the ways to optimize it both for users and search engine bots. It is always the hardest – to organize huge number of links into one easy-to-navigate and […]

I just posted an article on SEJ describing different ways to organize your keyword list to make the most of your thematic search modifiers. Throughout the post I’ve been describing the necessity of exploring your keyword modifiers to: to get more organic search traffic; to wisely optimize your internal site structure; to know how to […]