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How to Use SEO tools?

Tools / April 23, 2019

Below are the recommended must use SEO tools once you become an SEO marketer. Take a look

Semrush: SEO tool

Semrush is the best SEO tool for your blog which helps to improve your SEO performance by 400%. You can check your site SEO performance and your competitor too. You can check the following parameters there

Keywords: Keywords that brings traffic to your site.

Position: keyword positions in the search engine.

Volume: The number of exact matches queries for that keyword in the local search.

CPC: Cost per click for the ad (on average)

URL: Corresponding URL to which that keyword is driving traffic.

Competition: Here it will show your competitors, lower is good.

Results: The number of search results of the corresponding keyword. Lower is better.

Trend: In this column you can see the last 12-month search status of the keywords.

Check you domain ranking below

Traffic Travis: SEO tool

Traffic Travis is a useful tool for keyword research; you can find everything you need to know about Keyword with the help of this tool. This is the best alternative of Google AdWords keyword planner. You can use this for free.

Google Webmaster tool: SEO tool

Google Webmaster tool will help you to index your site in search engines in a faster way and it will guide you what to do and what not to do in your site. It is used for SEO purpose. Read more about Google webmaster tools here.

Grammarly: English writing enhancement tool

Grammarly is a very useful tool while writing a blog, it helps you not making English errors. Using this tool you can improve your writing skill and vocabulary skill. You can notice your improvement every single day. I used to make frequent mistakes while writing my blog post before using this tool; I am making fewer mistakes now. Native and non-native English speakers both make silliest errors while writing their blog, it’s good to use a tool which will highlight your mistakes and will suggest the right form. You can use it in most text editors online or offline.