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Tools / May 9, 2021

Ever wonder how much is going on at once on the Internet? It can be tough to wrap your mind around it, but we've put together a nice visual that'll help! The numbers show no sign of slowing down either.

CPM Calculator

Do you advertise on platforms that charge per impression? Not a numbers person? Use our cost per impression calculator and figure out exactly how many impressions will fit within your budget.

Fix Your Marketing Funnel

Chances are, your website is missing out on potential leads or it could use some more traffic. Use our marketing funnel tool and find out what impact more traffic and increased conversions would have on your overall monthly revenue.

FaqFox: Find What Your Users Are Asking About

Are you stumped on new content ideas? FaqFox crawls different websites looking for keywords that you specify so you can check sites like Quora, reddit, and industry-specific message boards to get ideas for your next great piece of content.

Readability Test Tool

Not sure what diction to use when creating content? The Readability Test Tool analyzes your writing and scores it in accordance with the most used readbility indicators (including the Flesch Kincaid tests, the Gunning Fog test, and more).