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I want SEO for my Website

Website Promotion / April 21, 2021

We help a variety of clients with their internet marketing and websites, and one question we often get is “How do you add keywords to a website?” You might picture us adding extremely complicated formulas and codes into a computer screen that looks like this:

But the truth is the basics are easier than you might think. We even teach our clients that manage their own business blogs how to keyword their website pages so that they can be found on search engines easier. The goal of this blog article is to teach you some fundamentals on how to add keywords to a website. Not sure you wan't to put in the time? Take a look at our SEO Services here, we would be happy to help you.

Keywording your website for search enginesBy learning how to add keywords to a website you will be able to keyword your own blogs, website pages, and other internet marketing materials. You will also gain context for why SEO is so important for your business.

How Can Adding Keywords to My Website Help My Business?

Adding keywords to your website helps search engines understand what your website can offer someone searching, and ultimately bring you more qualified traffic. How? With identifiers, like keywords. Without Keywords on your website pages there is no way for a search engine to categorize your website and show it to the right people searching.Think of it this way, a well written paper has a thesis, and supporting arguments that relate to the thesis. Readers of well written papers have a clear understanding of what the subject is and what the paper is about. This is the same theory behind Google and other search engines. In fact two students from Stanford created Google with this same idea in mind.