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Website Promotion / January 14, 2020

Whether you run a small hobby site or your own online business, SmarterStats can give you the information you need to succeed online. The Free Edition of SmarterStats is perfect for individuals looking to optimize and report on a single site, and it doesn't matter if you're hosting your own site or using a shared hosting provider, lease a dedicated server or even use a VPS. All you need is access to your raw log files. SmarterStats can even read, and report on, logs generated from a Windows or Linux servers, so your platform doesn't matter! And if you decide you want to add more sites, or if your business grows, no problem: it's simple to upgrade any license, at any time!

Enterprises can have websites all over the world. They build sites for offices in other countries. They acquire businesses and inherit websites. They have different developers who prefer different platforms, and more. Multiple data collection options are availble, such as local files, UNC paths or even FTP/FTPS/SFTP, so a site's location doesn't matter. SmarterStats can read files in .ZIP or .GZIP format and log files created by Linux and Windows web servers are also supported. SmarterStats can even be used for sites that are load balanced (clustered), meaning a single site is hosted across many different servers. The needs of an enterprise vary, but there's virtually nothing SmarterStats can't handle.

Web hosts and ISPs need a product that can accommodate any sized user, is multi-tenant and is as simple to set up and manage as possible. Web hosts and ISPs will love SmarterStats' centralized management and reporting server (MRS), not to mention the remote service that can be installed on any number of Linux or Windows web servers. The remote service does the majority of the processing of information, with VERY little server impact, and pushes information to the MRS. This, then, becomes the information hub for end users, where they log in to check statistics and otherwise manage the reports. In this set up, SmarterStats can support tens of thousands of customers from a single MRS!