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Search Engine Optimization / September 12, 2017

SEO is constantly evolving. Many companies in the SEO industry are stuck in 2005, where keyword meta tags and other stale SEO tactics worked. However, SEO is no longer as simple as hiring the cheapest SEO firm to do the work for you. Today’s SEO requires real understanding of the latest search engine trends and combining those with foundational SEO principles. At Firestarter, our employees take time each day to further their SEO skills. In many cases, this means participating in SEO classes or reading up on Google’s latest algorithm changes. This hour a day helps our team stay current with SEO trends and allows us to use the most powerful tools to increase our client’s rankings.

We take the knowledge we have at Firestarter SEO, and apply it to your website. As we analyze your website on a regular basis, we gather vital data and create imperative reports. We then take this information, create actionable items, and apply our SEO knowledge to your website. Many SEO firms claim they know how to do SEO. At Firestarter, we do more than just claim. We know SEO, and we DO SEO. Real SEO. Real Results.