Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Internet Marketing for Law Firms

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization / January 6, 2022

"Let me Google it." In the age of digital media, these four words have become synonymous with settling debates, answering tough questions and, most importantly, tracking down reliable businesses.

Are some stop signs optional? Let me Google it.
Am I at fault for a side impact collision? Google it.
Looking for the top car accident lawyer in Florida? Well.. you get the point.

Who and How to Choose?

So how do you, as a partner at a law firm, make sure your practice is the number one result when a potential client consults their search engine of choice? The answer is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Most people know SEO as the combination of content, keywords and links that can boost a website's search engine rankings, but it's actually much more complex than that. Everyone wants their practice to show up on the front page of Google, but many don't know how. That's where we come in.

Is SEO Needed?

When we meet with new clients, we're often met with the same question: Is SEO really necessary? The answer is yes. Search engine optimization for law firm websites is becoming more and more competitive every day. Attorneys are increasing their spending on online marketing, and those who don't follow suit often suffer the consequences. That's why it's so important to choose a law firm SEO company that knows how to produce real, long-term results.

Long-Term Experience = Happy Client's

At PaperStreet, we've been helping over 100 clients with law firm SEO for more than 15 years and have maintained a 90 percent retention rate. Our company was founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, so we understand your needs in ways that most of our competitors can't. Our team has several former and current attorneys on retainer, along with friendly, capable and qualified internet marketing experts that are ready and willing to help you on your road to SEO success.

Don't just take our word for it. With PaperStreet clients dominating the SERPs for more than 500 keywords or winning awards for their stunning websites, our proof is in our results.

SEO Overview

Search engine optimization is the science of making your web pages rank for lucrative keyword phrases that a potential client may use to search for and find your firm. We can work with you to help you decide which keyword phrases we should target. Then, we start to work our magic to obtain top rankings for each of those keyword phrases. Check out our SEO FAQ to see just what strategies we use to make your site stand out.

Custom Content

From on-page content and photography, to professional videos and newsletters, the content team at PaperStreet does it all. Comprised of attorneys and experts in law, the members of our content team have first-hand experience in the legal market and stay up-to-date on the latest web-writing and SEO practices. We write, edit and produce web-friendly legal website content and marketing materials, blog posts, practice area content, attorney biographies, press releases, legal articles, social media copy and more. If you need something written, just ask! We are more than willing to work with you.

Authority & Link-Building

In the world of SEO, authority is everything. Without high-quality citations and links, your website will not be able to outperform your competitors. Despite popular belief, it's not about quantity when it comes to link-building. While we might produce fewer links than other companies that may offer to charge less for their services, you can be sure that your links will be of higher quality and therefore, higher authority.

We want your backlink profile to be as substantial and natural as possible so that it will withstand the test of time - not just make a quick jump in rankings until your site is penalized for spammy backlinks. Our link-building team focuses on local listings, testimonials and reviews, video marketing, social media, blogging opportunities, events, seminars and more!

Social Media

Social media is everywhere! If you're not utilizing your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts, you're missing out on an easy way to increase brand awareness and interact with potential clients. At PaperStreet, we will help you set up and manage these accounts, and we make sure to integrate them with your website. We offer training on social media etiquette and tools like HootSuite, and we can help you troubleshoot when things go wrong. We also provide advice on social media strategy and are more than happy to provide social media content writing and editing services!

Reporting & Analytics

Stay in the loop! When you sign up with us, we'll provide you with a monthly report detailing all of the hard work we've done on your website. Each month you will receive information on your current rankings and traffic, and pitch you fresh, exciting new ideas to help you meet your goals.


At PaperStreet, we consider ourselves experts in what we do, but we value our clients' input. We meet with all of our SEO clients for at least one hour every month to discuss best practices, our goals and how to achieve them. We want you to know how and why we do what we do. Your firm's internet marketing shouldn't be a mystery to you, and we pride ourselves on educating all of our clients.

No Strings Attached

In the world of digital marketing, it takes time to produce the best results. However, we know that a long-term contract isn't for everyone. We'd love to see you stick around and stay with PaperStreet forever, but if for any reason you decide that our services are no longer needed, we make it easy for you to cut ties and bid us farewell. (We would miss you, though.)

Cost & Plan Levels That Work For You

At PaperStreet, we know that there is no "one size fits all" solution for every law firm. We offer a variety of plan levels, starting from just $500 per month and go to over several thousand dollars a month. We have a wide array of services to suit your firm's individual needs. Most of the time we consult with the client to set a custom plan based on their content needs, geographic area, practice areas, and competitiveness of the keyword phrases they are targeting.