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Local SEO. How to promote your business in the region

Search Engine Optimization / November 11, 2020

The success of promoting a regional business is highly dependent on tech or local seo. Knowledge of the trends and principles of optimization related to local search is becoming a priority area of marketing today - for both eCommerce and offline companies.

What is local seo? This is a search engine optimization strategy that helps to achieve high positions in the search results for geo-dependent queries - where the city, district, or simply the user's location is specified. On average, half of what people search for in search engines is local queries. For example, in Google, their share is 46% of the total number of all hits.

Local SEO includes not only requests specifying a region, but also wordings containing “near me”, “nearest”, etc. When users use Google with information of this nature, local companies come to the top of the results. Therefore, the struggle for regional issuance has become a priority area for local business.

Local SEO is well worth the effort. Optimizing for local audiences allows you to increase low-frequency traffic, bring conversions to a qualitatively new level and successfully compete with giant brands that have monopolized global search.

Regional SERP has its own nuances of ranking and, accordingly, has its own subtleties of optimization.

In addition to registering in Google directories for local business promotion, it is important to be present in local services - catalogs, city directories, thematic aggregators. Registration on such resources does not require extra effort, but it provides additional free traffic and gives more points of interaction with the audience. For SEO, the benefits of this strategy are also obvious - it is a channel for obtaining relevant backlinks and a way to increase brand queries.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash