SEO For Lawyers: Grow Your Firm With Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Screenshot of lawyers listed via Google Places.Legal Digital marketing is exceedingly competitive, so if you’re just starting out it’s important to establish your firm as a brand and market to your immediate location.

“If you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to set your expectations accordingly, ” said Ramirez. “You’re not going to come in and start ranking for ‘Los Angeles personal injury attorney’ right away. Start thinking in terms of years if you’re trying to rank for such a highly competitive term.”

In the meantime, set your sights on local traffic. Let’s say you’re a personal injury attorney serving clients throughout Southern California. You’re based in Thousand Oaks, a city in Ventura County (neighbor to Los Angeles County). Though you’ll eventually target “Ventura County personal injury attorney” and later, “Los Angeles personal injury attorney, ” when you begin optimizing, target keyword phrases like:

  • Thousand Oaks accident lawyer
  • Thousand Oaks law firm
  • Personal injury attorney Thousand Oaks

Supreme Court“Your best shot at early success is to capture the traffic in your city, ” Ramirez said. “Targeting more competitive regions should be part of your long-term plan, but it should be done after you’ve secured branded traffic and start to rank prominently for searches in and around your physical location.”

2. Inclusion in Google Places and Other Directories

The next step when it comes to thinking locally is securing inclusion in Google Places and other local directories. Establishing a local listing in Google Places allows your law firm to appear prominently on the SERP, within Google Maps and in the Local Carousel.

“You want to rank in those maps for your immediate area. Getting into maps is going to be a major source of traffic, ” said Ramirez. “Optimize your local listings and invest the time and money to find and gain inclusion in all of the major attorney directories on the Internet. The citations you build will help your listing rank more prominently and the most popular attorney directories online can be a valuable source of traffic.”