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Search Engine Optimization Salary

Search Engine Optimization / February 14, 2021

The goal of a search engine optimization (SEO) manager is to make his/her company’s search results appear as the top results (organic, not paid) in various search engines when relevant searches are made. Although SEO is the main duty of the job, this manager may also increase presence in various online directories in order to promote the company.

SEO managers may also be in charge of designing web pages at which prospective customers arrive after clicking on a search engine result, so graphic and webpage design skills are highly beneficial. Ongoing analysis of where prospective clients are coming from is essential in order to modify business strategies, so research skills are beneficial for this responsibility.

If there is no specific position dedicated to social media marketing within a company, SEO managers often fulfill these duties, as well; he/she will be the determinant of the SEO strategy and responsible for all changes as necessary. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is generally required for this position, as is prior experience in SEO and web analytics. This job is generally carried out in an office environment during normal office hours, though some positions may involve teleworking. This is often a supervisory position which may involve leading a group of SEO specialists.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager Tasks

  • Organize and run projects and campaigns to improve website search result listings.
  • Conduct analysis to evaluate the performance of search engine optimization strategies.
  • Establish relationships with other websites in order to expand link connections and create partnerships.

Source: www.payscale.com