Washington DC Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization / October 31, 2016

D.C. is a place where SEO can make or break an organization. Whether you’re a private business, a non-profit, or a government agency, your online performance matters.

In this part of the country, organizations who are serious about their online performance engage Silverback Strategies for SEO, in part because our approach is radically different from the generic services available from any of the thousands of SEO companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

First, Silverback’s approach to SEO goes far beyond metadata and keyword density. We manage variables from content quantity and quality to usability and navigation design; internal, external and social linkages; and on-site user behaviors such as bounce rate and page views. Our holistic methodology assures that every aspect of your site – links, architecture, content and coding – drives search success.

The fact is, Google’s ranking algorithm now accounts for hundreds of variables that change up to 500 times each year. And our Northern Virginia-based team of SEO specialists is always ahead of these shifts, monitoring and adapting to every update to maintain an average 411% increase in total top-ten rankings for our clients.

Cutting-edge methodologies, one-on-one service, and outstanding performance for our clients here in Washington and around the country– that’s why you want Silverback for SEO.

And there’s one more thing. We’re the only SEO agency in the nation’s capital (or the nation, for that matter) to offer a comprehensive 60-day 100% money-back performance guarantee for new clients.