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Seo Advice / March 10, 2018

You do want to make sure you add your sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. You need to sign in or create an account and then add your site and sitemap. Here is a great step by step video on exactly how to do this!

Quality Content

This is the meat. And is absolutely the hardest to chew.

Content is king. Fo' real. There is so much packed into those two words that it kind of almost makes my head hurt trying to explain just how important this aspect is to your websites SEO.

Unless you somehow are featured on tons of other websites (and popular, high traffic websites...see below) content is going to be your absolute best friend when it comes to SEO. And where does content live on most websites? I'll give you a clue...it's not in your image galleries.

Quality content lives and breathes in your BLOG. This is why so many people tout the benefits of blogging, especially to small business owners. Having a place on your website where quality content that is useful in search engine results lives is of the utmost importance.

Quality content doesn't mean your desired keywords repeated over and over on your site. I saw a photographers website the other day that had paragraphs and paragraphs of text repeatedly stating obvious keywords, so much so that the sentences really come across as borderline ridiculous. If I were to say something like:

"Cinnamon Wolfe Photography is a full service wedding photography business serving Northern New Jersey and also a full service family photographer serving Northern New Jersey as well as offering wedding photography services throughout the New Jersey area and also family photography services throughout the New Jersey area who is very much passionate about wedding photography and family photography."

well...that would be pretty ridiculous.

Google sees stuff like this as "keyword stuffing" and it can end up hurting you in the long run. Just. Don't. Do. It.

Content needs to appear on your site naturally and in a way that makes sense. And it's hard. But it works. I'll show you what I mean further down this post!


To put it simply, Google likes it when credible websites link to your website. External links are a must have in order to rank higher in search results. As MOZ puts it,

"If you want to rank for anything that's even remotely competitive, the chances of finding a website ranking without external links is very rare indeed.

In the simplest description possible for general creative small business owners...having links to your site on busy or high traffic websites will HELP you a lot when it comes to SEO. Don't go crazy with it, don't be a spammer, just know that having a quality link to your site on a busy website will help you in the long run.

Source: cinnamonwolfephotography.com