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Seo Advice / June 1, 2020

4 helpful Bing Webmaster Tools Features for SEO /

On June 6, Bing announced significant and awesome upgrades to Bing Webmaster Tools. This may be news to you, as Bing has a tendency to fly under the radar. Indeed, it seems these exciting, free features are hardly getting the attention they should at the moment. Which is a shame, because Bing Webmaster Tools has a hell of a lot to offer.

bwt_SEOAnalyzer_screenshotBelow are four specific ways you can use Bing Webmaster Tools to improve your SEO endeavors.

Use SEO Reports to Monitor On-Page Best Practices

SEO Reports is a tool that scans your website every other week and automatically reports on compliance with 15 SEO best practices for on page optimization.

The SEO Reports tool is located in the dropdown under the “Reports & Data” tab on the left nav. Below is a screenshot of LunaMetrics SEO Reports.Bing Webmaster Tool's Link Explorer is fast Note that not every page was crawled, but the tool still examines a large enough quantity of pages to be extremely useful.

Now I must admit that we’ve been so busy tending to the SEO of our client’s sites that the SEO of our own site has become an afterthought, and this SEO Report makes that painfully obvious. When I clicked on the fourth suggestion, “There are multiple

tags on the page, ” I received a list of some of the non-compliant pages. When I clicked on the first link, I was brought to SEO Analyzer feature for that page. I then viewed the page source, and was able to click thru and view highlighted code snippets where for each of the SEO suggestions, as seen below.

You see that? The extraneous h1 header tag is coded into the logo image and links to the home page, which exists on the top nav of

BWT Link Explorer has useful filters BWT Keyword Research tool

Source: www.lunametrics.com