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Seo Advice / March 3, 2020

cost effective seo plansHello and Welcome! I am Tyler Lyon and we are SundaySEO. You probably landed on our page by typing a search term into Google for one of the keywords that we intentionally rank for. We are really happy you made it to our site and hope to make your visit worthwhile. Let me explain.

Internet Marketing keywords are some of the most difficult keywords to rank for because the people that do SEO for a living all compete against each other to outrank everyone else. You being able to find us through searching on Google proves that we are good at what we do. Only the best of the best show up at the top of the search results, and since we have proven to be able to get results against other digital marketers, imagine what we can do for you!

Marketing companies are a dime a dozen now and everyone and their pets claim to be digital marketing gurus. The problem that occurs when a market is as saturated as this is that people start offering cookie cutter packages and discounted services in order to take whatever money you’re willing to give them, without having proof of real results; pocketing your hard-earned cash and giving you anything of value in return. The two problems with this are:

  • The results they get (if any) do not last or produce an ROI for you
  • They may not have a clue what they are doing and could permanently damage your site’s reputation with Google by using old, potentially damaging tactics. This could ruin your chances of ever ranking again.

When searching for a cost effective SEO package, don’t shoot yourself in the foot. There is a reason that people put together pretty little packages, strategically pricing them so you will pick the one they make the most money on, and making it so that you think you are getting a great deal. The best deal is the one that gets results.

Every website is different. Also, the competition for each keyword is different. If you want real, long-lasting, first page rankings then you need somebody willing to analyze your site, look at the keywords you want to rank for, and to lay out a strategy designed specifically for your website.

You have to realize that our competition does search engine marketing for a LIVING and to rank for a keyword like the one your used to find us is a very big feat! These search terms are the most competitive and highly sought after in the digital marketing community. If we can rank #1 against people who solely focus on internet marketing for a living, imagine the potential for your business against competitors in your industry!

When considering whether to buy cheap or expensive services you have to consider the ROI of said services. Is it worth spending X amount of dollars to get Y amount of return on investment? An effective search engine optimization plan is usually worth paying for and will yield a return long after you pay for the work to be done. The same way we showed up when you typed in a search term on google is how your customers need to see when they type in keywords related to your products or services.

If your website is not on page one of Google, then you are actually losing money to your competition and your business, product, or services are no longer even considered by most potential customers. In today’s world, local rankings are like the modern day phone book. If you are not listed on the front page and in the top 10…you’re out of luck and your customers can’t find you.

There are two ways to go about it from here:

  1. Hire out seo services task by task
    • This can be time-consuming
    • Requires specific knowledge of:
      • An effective seo plan of action
      • Where to go to outsource each task
      • Who to order from
      • What to buy
      • when to get it
    • For a detailed guide for taking this route, sign up to my email list!

Option #2 is much easier, less time consuming, limits the risk of mistakes being made, and in the end is only slightly more costly when you consider the value of your own time and energy.

2. Pay a company or individual, like SundaySEO, to manage your entire seo campaign. Whoever you choose should have a proven reputation and be able to show you current top of the leaderboard search engine results.

Most people don’t choose either option and continue not ranking and not getting the traffic they need to earn more money and live the way they want to live, but that’s not going to be YOU! We are here to help you get the exposure and traffic you need to dominate the competition in your industry and get ranked in the at the top of page one in Google. Whether you choose option#1 or option#2 the key takeaway is that you need to TAKE ACTION!