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How to do SEO Yourself?

Seo Advice / November 11, 2021

As much as we feel that every company needs a great SEO consultant to help guide their search engine optimization strategy, we have also become realists, knowing not all companies have the passion/belief in the strategy – as we do.

With that said, some try to do SEO themselves by taking the DIY SEO route. As much as we feel they should seek professional help, our goals and beliefs are rooted in helping businesses succeed online – even if they don’t use our team.

If you’re going to try to do SEO yourself, you’ll need to understand some basic principles that Google likes to reward and users love.

DIY SEO Principle #1: Understand Your Competition

When we look at the competitive nature of SEO it’s hard to ignore the fact that, in reality, each site is competing against the value of others – and not against the algorithm. Because of this, understanding your competitive set and what strategies they are using to increase traffic is key to competing within the search results.

If you’re going to do SEO yourself you need to analyze the competitive tactics of the websites ranking for your target keywords. This includes exploring competitive keyword targeting strategies, content creation tactics, and link building strategies.

DIY SEO Principle #2: Understand Your Users

Providing value to your users should be the ultimate goal of any website. Value comes in many forms, but for SEO understanding the content, functionality, design elements, and information architecture your users value will go a long way towards providing value.

Gaining user insights is easier than you may think, and can be accomplished by engaging with your website visitors and asking them questions – or for those with a physical location, just talking with your customers when they come into your store.

DIY SEO Principle #3: Great Design

There are core components and a process for creating a website that looks great and functions well. Some of these include; design consistency, well thought out architecture, well planned content, and integrated SEO strategy.

DIY SEO Principle #4: Site Architecture

Website architecture strategy includes; understanding your users well enough to know what they expect, how they navigate websites, the nomenclature they use, and their mental model for making decisions.

DIY SEO Principle #5: Keyword Research

For DIY SEO to benefit a business, the correct keywords need to be targeted. Targeting a keyword based on search volume alone is not always the correct strategy.