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Best seo software for Mac

Software / May 3, 2018

For manual spinning, a great little OS X app called Article Spinner 2 is available from the Apple App Store for only $5. It features a synonym dictionary that lets you click to add word alternates to the spintax easily. It's also handy for verifying spun or nested spun code visually since it color-codes proper spintax in blue and bracket errors in orange, red, green, etc. There's also a built-in Publish feature to send a spun variant to any of your free or self-hosted WordPress blogs. I consider this a must-have utility for any Mac web marketer.

There's another stand-alone OS X spinning app (that runs on Adobe Air code) called BestFreeSpinner Pro ($25 one-time fee) but it's hard to recommend at any price. It's automatic word substitutions are horrific at best; nonsensical garbage. In an attempt to be positive, it does include a CopyScape checking function.

is my choice for a Mac browser based approach - but only using it's most conservative word-substitution setting, and manually selecting my own alternates on other phrases for maximum readability. It’s ability to re-order item lists, completely rewrite sentences, and optionally automatically rewrite an additional summary paragraph for you is impressive.

Source: www.quora.com