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Software / April 2, 2017

A decent search engine ranking should be the holy grail for all commercial websites. SEO Spyglass aims to make sure that your website receives the highest ranking possible.

SEO SpyGlass is a collection of tools to help you position your web page at the top of search engines. The program analyzes your competitors' sites to help you understand how they arrived at their positions. In this way, SEO SpyGlass makes it possible for you to copy their strategies. Among the many details provided by SEO Spyglass are the overall number of backlinks your competitor has, the Google PageRank (PR) value of every link and the Alexa rank of every link.

SEO SpyGlass analyzes the major search engines including international versions of Google, Yahoo and MSN Search. SEO SpyGlass then compares your site with that of the competition and offers a complete report which gives you an idea of how fast you're climbing position in the search results. SEO SpyGlass gives you a huge breakdown of the results, including the total number of backlinks your competitor has, the exact URL of each and every backlink, and each Google PageRank.

It's obviously hard to gauge whether SEO SpyGlass is genuinely effective or not without observing a website's rankings over a period of time after putting it through SEO Spyglass. However, the major downside of SEO Spyglass is that it isn't clear exactly who is behind the project or who to contact for support. As a result, many users have been wary of recommending SEO SpyGlass to others.

SEO Spyglass is a fully comprehensive SEO tool that may help you raise your search engine rankings


  • The Dutch interface has been updated and improved
  • The SEO reporting feature in SEO SpyGlass has been further stabilized
  • A few performance enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented in SEO SpyGlass