7 Local SEO Strategies For Higher Google Map / Organic Rankings

local seo strategies

Strategy / August 1, 2017

Increase your business’s visibility by trying these local seo strategies from Farotech.

You probably already know that search engine optimization can go a long way in increasing the online visibility of your business. And while all of that talk about expanding, transforming, and reaching the world wide web is important, don’t forget to take the time to think locally. Local SEO strategies help you optimize connections with one of your best target audiences: potential clients in your own neighborhood. At Farotech, we find this to be one of the most effective strategies for strengthening a business’s local reach. Isn’t it time your business tried a strategic local SEO campaign?

  1. Local Listings

Is your business on “local places” pages with the major search engines? If not, now is the time to get started. Once you have filled out your business information to get started, you can begin optimizing your listings to target local traffic. Google local listings allow businesses to optimize for five local towns or cities at a time.

When your SEO is secure for those five, you can double the number. Other aspects of optimization for these listings include detailing your services and availability; nothing is more frustrating for potential clients than to have to hunt down what should be obvious information.

  1. Inspiring Images

An important aspect of optimizing your local listings is making sure that you have high quality photos available. Most local accounts allow you to upload at least ten pictures, and you should be taking full advantage of that.

Although your logo is a good option for one of these selections, the rest should be professional and inspiring photos of your actual products, company building, or even staff. An eye-catching photo can often make the difference in how long a visitor stays on your listing, and when you have a variety of creative photos, you increase your chances of building that connection you need to make the next step.

  1. Real Reviews

In addition to local listings, Google also looks at reviews as a factor for ranking. Even apart from search engine’s ranking designs, though, real reviews are important for users who see your company on a search engine results page. Both narrative and numerical reviews are important factors in many potential client’s decision making processes. And although you can’t manipulate your reviews, you still have the power to encourage them.

A button on your website leading directly to a review page or an automatic prompting after each purchase can make a big difference. Additionally, make sure that one of your local SEO strategies is talking with clients in the office about leaving a review after they have received your great products or services!

Source: farotech.com