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Ethical seo techniques

Techniques / November 30, 2016

optimising-your-titles-in-wordpress-for-better-seoKeep your headlines under 55 Characters to make sure they will appear in Google’s search results cleanly – and just as you wrote them.

Why You should Optimise Your Titles and Headlines

The amount of traffic that comes to your site is a ranking factor in Google. The amount of time spent on each page is also a ranking factor.

If you want visitors to come to your site, you need to draw them in through effective and engaging headlines.content-idea-generator-portent Optimising your Title Tags is an ethical way to encourage these kinds of click-through rates (provided you are not flat out lying to your audience) and is a technique you should be employing in all your content.

How to Create Engaging Headlines

Just drop in your topic or title and let it run. You can refresh the titles to keep coming up with more ideas. Keep an eye out for the title above – I love it and may use it for myself.

2. Produce Original Single Focus Content

using-ethical-on-page-seo-techniques-to-boost-your-position-in-googleFocus content is content that aims to deliver a single piece of information or advice. in search engine marketing it is information or advice gathered around a single concept, idea, topic or keyword.

Your site might have many topics that it covers each piece of content or article should focus on a single topic for that post or page.

Why You Should Focus on A Single Topic

If your article content heads in 15 directions at once, so will your site visitors and so will Google – and you will lose the benefit of both rankings and traffic.

Your site visitors are looking for information or a specific solution to a question they have. If you want to keep your visitors on your website you need to answer the question. You need to answer the question as clearly and as concisely as possible.

Long Tail KeywordsGoogle is also trying to work out what your web page or article is about.

The easier you make it for Google to understand your purpose and the easier you make it for your site visited to find an answer, the happier Google will be and the better your rank.

How to Create Content that Focuses on a Single Topic

long-form-posts-and-content-lengthThe smart place to start is with your heading and subheadings.

For example, if you were writing an article on how to grow your business online, You might start with something like this:

Title: How to Grow Your Business Online

Sub Headings:

  • Building a clean website
  • Identifying your niche
  • Reaching out to your target audience

Once you have created the sub headings, you can then go about filling in the content underneath each one. You will find that your writing is far more focused when you work this way.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Use long tail keywords to create a foundation of authority in search engines for the keyword you want to rank for.