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How to spot a dilettantish SEO interviewer

Tips / September 9, 2020

It would seem that it is difficult to find a SEO specialist who will be engaged in promotion. You are an optimizer with an adequate portfolio, given a task and expected an effective result from, in fact, everything is not as simple as it seems.

As in all interviews, we evaluate a person's appearance: if he is dressed in mens church suits, well-combed and looks neat, this is already a big plus.

Looks can be a little less scrupulous, but a few tips on the right color can help you.

Gray. The main color that is recommended for hiring. It is associated with professionalism and calmness, neutrality, willingness to work, consistency. Gray is elegant. In order not to look boring and insecure, use different textures in the gray set and brighter colors in the accessories.

Blue. If you are applying for a managerial position, bet on blue. Intelligence, professionalism, trust and reliability, efficiency, authority - that's what they read from the blue. In a business environment, muted blue is preferable to bright shades: it is emotionally calming.

Violet. If you are looking for a job in a creative environment, purple should be used along with vibrant blue. Associations with this color are creativity, originality, self-confidence. However, a lot of purple isn't good for a job interview: stick to a splash of violet or purple, which go well with blue and gray.

All suits of excellent quality and suitable color must be prepared in advance: they must be clean, ironed and looking good. Appearance plays a big role in the interview, but don't go against yourself: clothes should only reinforce your self-confidence. If you feel uncomfortable in the perfect business suit, the person you are talking to will notice that: harmony of inner and outer is the best advice.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay