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Majestic SEO Tools

Tools / November 22, 2020

I recommend Majestic for SEO professionals, agencies and others who spend the majority of their time on SEO.

Majestic is best when combined with other SEO tools for advanced SEO practices. Most SEO professionals use several tools and budget for it so this is not out of the norm.

If you are an entrepreneur, blogger or marketer that relies heavily on SEO, Majestic SEO could also work. For example, if link building or PR outreach is a core task, solid backlink profiles are key.

Yet, I don’t recommend Majestic for the average marketer, small businessperson or entrepreneur.

Those who only do SEO for a limited period of time each week or month. Spending the time, money, and effort in a niche second tool to get a fuller backlink profile may not be as necessary to them. Also, the terminology and interface are not the most user-friendly, especially for non-SEOs and small businesses.

These folks are likely better off using an all-in-one tool like Moz Pro, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. Moz and SEMrush won’t have the same number of backlinks as Majestic but will have enough backlinks to give an idea of what sites to reach out to for link building. Ahrefs may have a similar or even better live backlink checker than Majestic in some cases. It also has many other SEO features and metrics.

Source: www.martechwiz.com