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SEO Checking Tool

Tools / December 25, 2021

health checkSEO Analysis can appear to be quite difficult, especially if you are from a technical background and don’t have a lot of knowledge of marketing techniques. However, there are many aspects of SEO that ultimately boils down to a technical health check of your website. In this blog post, I want to cover 5 free tools & methods to get you started with some basic SEO health check.

1. Search Engine Check

As a first step, the first thing to check is find out if your site is even being indexed by search engines and if so, which are the pages it considers as most relevant. On google, this involves using the site: keyword.

For Google search, I also like to de-personalize the query to get more general result. [Moz has a blog) on different methods to do this. I just use the query string method since it is simple and gets the work done. To use the method, simply append the parameter pws=0 at the end of the URL after initiating the search.

Here’s the final search query I have for different search engines:

Why use it?

When you perform the search, look at the search results. Sometimes, pages that may not be so important as per your business goals may inadvertantly rank high.Similarweb logo It would be a good idea to re-examine the reason for such a ranking and fix the link structure so that the right pages are ranked.

2. WooRank SEO recommendations

  • Use of meta tags and current recommended length
  • Use of title tag and its effectiveness
  • Keyword cloud based on the page being analyzed
  • Errors if any
  • Social media interactions
  • Presence of robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Cleanliness of URLs (overuse of query parameters is considered unclean)
  • Mobile compatibility

This is a very good starting point for anlyzing the home page. This report can give you questions to ask and enough data to start building a baseline of your website and the context of your webistes traffic sources and keywords.

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