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Tools / July 22, 2019

Use the form below to count how many characters you’re using in your Title Tag for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google will truncate your title after ~67 characters, however, they will index more characters (up to 85 is a safe bet), so try to edit your Title so that the counter stays above zero and the background doesn't turn beak yellow, or try to make a good stopping point at 67 characters (though this is approximate and actually depends on the actual characters) and make sure the background doesn’t turn mustard. The background will be white under 67 characters, at the approximate truncation point, and at 85 characters.

Use the form below to count how many characters you’re using in your Meta Description Tag. This is your chance to appeal to web surfers. Google will index more than it shows, so this form allows 200 characters. The description on the search results will appear as ~155 characters, so the substance of your content should be in the first 155 characters.

Of course, there is much more to SEO than just editing these two tags. In addition, it is important to do the proper background research to ensure that your organization is targeting the right keywords. If you have questions, give us a call at 702.508.4821, and we will be happy to discuss your SEO relevant issues.