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Tools / March 12, 2019

Many times when trying to optimize a site for SEO, users aren’t aware of what aspects of their site are leaving room for improvement. One commonly overlooked aspect of SEO optimization is the actual onsite content This is where SEO Ideas can become your best friend. SEO Ideas will allow you to see which pages on your site have landing pages that can be improved. Not only will SEO ideas tell you what content needs to be improved but it will also tell you why you should implement these changes.

SEO Ideas is designed to help people optimize their websites for better search rankings. This tool suggests precise optimization ideas to improve the search visibility of web pages on your site based on what your rivals are doing to rank ahead of you. When you set up a campaign, you will receive a complete and structured list of steps to take in order to improve the SEO of each page you want to optimize.

By utilizing SEO tactics from your competitors and analytical research data from SEMrush tools and reports, you'll be given ideas for your page's content, semantics, strategy, backlinks, user experience and technical SEO.

Who is it for?

SEO Specialists

Content Marketers



What can you do with SEO Ideas?

  • Analyze your SERP rivals that are ranking within the top 10 positions for your target keywords
  • Get a list of semantically related keywords to include in your content
  • See where you should include your targeted keywords in your content
  • Discover link building opportunities based on your top competitor’s backlinks
  • Connect Google Analytics to generate ideas to improve the user experience of your pages
  • Prioritize your plan of action to optimize the most important pages first
  • Connect Site Audit to receive technical SEO ideas
  • Generate content templates based around your target keywords
  • See how your pages are stalking up to your top 10 competitors

When should you use this tool?

When improving your on-site SEO: SEO Ideas will allow you to see which pages on your site could be in need of optimization. SEO Ideas will give you these suggestions that can help boost your search rankings.

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Why should you use this tool?

SEO Ideas gives you a complete and structured list of things you could do to improve the Search Engine Optimization for certain pages of your website, utilizing SEO tactics from your competitors and analytical research data from other SEMrush powerful tools and reports. Not only will SEO Ideas tell you what can be done to your site to optimize your SEO, but it will also let you know exactly why these ideas will benefit you.

Source: www.semrush.com