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Tools / April 21, 2018

Search engine optimisation, when properly intensified, can turn out to be a small business’s best friend. Gracing the first few pages of search engines can help a small enterprise establish a lasting brand, expand its territories, and even increase its profits. However, none of these can ever happen on its own. SEO doesn’t just happen; it’s cultivated and nurtured. You don’t need to be an SEO guru to boost your business with this marketing platform. All you need to do is have an idea of the most essential SEO tools and embrace their usage. If you don’t have the slightest clue, worry less. The following tools will get you started.

#1: Quick Sprout

Strongly established brands can afford the services of an adept SEO agency. How does a small business compete favourably with such an enterprise without necessarily seeking the services of a consultant? That is where Quick Sprout comes in. This incredible tool provides a unique DIY platform for enhancing your SEO campaigns. By simply entering your URL, Quick Sprout will perform an in-depth SEO analysis of your site. This analysis takes into consideration critical components including keyword density, site speed, and backlink. Eventually, you will be able to receive an SEO score based on your site’s performance. This incredible data provided a perfect benchmark for enhancing your SEO campaigns and subsequently making it to the top of Google pages.

#2: WooRank

Simply taking a glance at your business website might not give you the true reflection of its SEO friendliness. WooRank not only helps you find out the strengths and weaknesses of your site but also assist you in monitoring analytics. Most importantly, this tool facilitates close analysis of individual pages within sites. For a small fee of $49.99, you can also have access to unlimited reviews and tons of data on your site’s friendliness to search engines. Putting together all this information, you will be able to step up your SEO campaigns the easier way.

#3: Optimizely

The ultimate vision of every entrepreneur running a small business is to grow its client base. Achieving that requires more than just incessant flow of traffic. There must be high conversion rates. Constantly modifying your site plays a critical role in achieving this goal. How then do you know you are moving in the right direction? Optimizely has the answer to this question. With this tool, you will be able to test two different versions of your website and give you real data on which one is more likely to have higher conversion rates. For just $17 per month, this tool can provide you with a platform to perform limitless tests before embracing a new SEO change. It not only saves you money but also ensures constant boost of ROI.

#4: PicktoChart

Over the years, link building has proved itself an integral part of SEO. Infographics play a critical role in link building; making it necessary for everyone who needs SEO boost to have an idea of creating catch infographics. Amazingly, you do not need to be a coding guru to be able to come up with glamorous infographics. With incredible tools like PicktoChart, one can be able to design professional looking infographics using available template. A simple drag and drop business can help you obtain a stunning infographic. When blended with the right content, such infographics can help you achieve seamless flows of traffic even as you gain organic backlinks.


Content is king. Probably everyone has an idea of that; small and massive business owners alike. In attempts of boosting their content marketing campaigns, larger enterprises hire experienced writers to help them with content creation. A small business cannot afford that luxury. However, being locked out of the competition is not an option; makes it so. This tool helps uprising entrepreneurs find relevant SEO optimised contents for their sites. This enables small businesses to focus more of their energy on attaining optimum brand awareness.

#6: Moz Pro

Advanced SEO is involving; it requires one to cover a number of aspects. Tracking brand awareness campaigns, link, social media, and other essential SEO aspects can be tricky for a small business with limited employees. With Moz Pro however, one doesn’t need to worry. This inbound marketing software helps you keep track of links, brand awareness, content marketing, and even social efforts. It simply presents you with everything you need; from mentions, search and inbound links among others. Amazingly, it draws a perfect comparison of your website Vis a Vis that of fellow close competitors. This cultivates healthy competition, which if embraced professionally, can lead you to the top of Google pages.

#7: UberSuggest

Great content matched with the appropriate keywords work SEO miracles. With an intensified keyword tool like UberSuggest, you can help grow your small enterprise into something massive. A single search term on this tool will bring various related keywords. The software simply works by modifying the keyword in order to fit closely related searches around the main word.

#8: Google Tools

It should have come in top of the list. The essence of Google tools in strengthening your SEO campaigns cannot be overlooked. Google has a myriad of tools that, when used appropriately, can help transform one’s business from a smaller enterprise to a recognisable brand in your niche. Take Google AdWords for instance. With a limited budget, you can create an enhanced brand awareness.

Google Analytics is yet another incredible tool by Google. Used effectively, it can help you discover the ROI on specific keywords. With this information, you will be able to discern whether the efforts invested therein are valid or not.

Steer your Business to Greater Heights

As a small business owner, the success of your business lies entirely on your hands. With a well organised SEO debut, you can increase flow of traffic in your website and subsequently increase the revenues. Embracing the indicated tools will help you a great way in realising this dream.


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