SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to do SEO of Website?

Website Promotion / November 23, 2021

SEO for Image WebsitesPhoto-blogsAre a growing part of the blogosphere, with time as the technology is getting advanced, more and more people are converting to the modern forms of blogging like photoblogs and video blogs as known as Vlogs. Here, we will discuss some basics of Search Engine Optimization for Photo-blogs.

Image Based WebSiteThe Search Engine Optimization for Image-based website has much in common with traditional SEO but there are certain things that are specific to the photo-blogs. We would like to start from the beginning.

Like ant other text-based blog, SEO on image based site is not very different. But, one thing which you should try from now on is, add text to your images. Even few line of textual content will make it useful and I have talked about it’s benefit below.

Selecting Keyword for Image:

The keyword selection for the photo-blogs is as important as it is in the SEO process for common blog. Usually, people ignore the keyword selection for photo-blogs but its the most important part of the SEO for photo-blogs. One keyword should be our primary keyword while create separate posts for images, the title should have some heavy search volume words so that each post can individually get ranked as well.