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Seo Advice / March 3, 2017

In November 2011 Yahoo Site Explorer ceased to exist. This free service was quite popular among SEO specialists and web-site owners. They used it to determine link popularity of their websites as well as to study the link building strategy of competitors.

As the Yahoo service was abandoned, the popularity of other backlink analysis services existed at that moment had increased. These were, and . On the other hand, a handful of alternative services had emerged, including, , and others.

Now there are dozens of paid and free tools for back link research. Choosing a certain practical instrument from such vast variety based on the price/quality ratio seems a difficult task to me. And while one or another SEO blog periodically publishes articles named like “5 Top Backlink Checker Tools for Your Website” or “7 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know About”, it is always remain unclear, what are those criteria the authors use to determine the best services. Google's SERP for the

The list below encompasses all tools to search and analyze backlinks known to me. The list consists of four parts. The first one includes presented in webmaster tools of such search engines as Google, Bing and Yandex. The second part of the list covers . The third part lists you can use in your own applications. The fourth part contains the collection of . Each part of the list is sorted alphabetically.

Please keep in mind that backlink checking is merely one of functions most paid services offer. So by purchasing monthly subscription you also receive access to other useful SEO tools.