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Seo Advice / July 21, 2016

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Overview of site contents. Includes site map, glossary, and quick start checklist.


Contains information about keywords, on page SEO, link building, and social interaction.


Tips on how to buy traffic from search engines.


Learn how to track your success with organic SEO and PPC ads. Includes information about web analytics.


Creating a credible website is core to being linkworthy and selling to customers.


Learn how to make money from your websites.

Audio & Video

Links to useful audio and video information. We will create new SEO videos every month.


Exclusive member only interviews.


Coupons and offers to help you save money promoting your websites.

Site Map

View all our training modules linked to on one page.

Overview: These Google Gadgets are lightweight XML programs that allow you to place interactive data inside web pages. This technology is useful for researching compact data points like site age, related keywords, or the quantity of inbound links pointing at a page...all the types of data points that are included in SEO for Firefox and a few that are not. If you prefer to have this type of data accessible from a toolbar we also created numerous SEO buttons for the Google Toolbar.

UPDATE: The following Google Gadets are no more, as they died when Google killed their iGoogle product.

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis Tools Gadget

  • Allows you to use all the major free keyword research tools from one location.
  • Links off to additional paid keyword research tools.
  • Links to popular competitive analysis tools and lesser known useful competitive analysis tools.

Add This to Your iGoogle Home Page

Click this button to add to iGoogle If you are new to iGoogle please watch this iGoogle video to learn how it works. If you would prefer to add this tool by URL, the URL of this tool is

How to Put This Tool on Your Site

Paste the following code into your web page


  • Shows you the different ways to search for backlinks from the major search engine.
  • Allows you to see fresh citations from blogs via Google Blog Search and Technorati.
  • Shows reviews and citations from Del.icio.us, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Wikipedia.
  • Links off to additional tools.

Click on this button or if you prefer to add by URL the URL of this tool is

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Source: tools.seobook.com