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Seo Advice / August 24, 2019

***Includes FREE Book: How to Get to the Top of Google+ Local/Google Maps***
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  • Europe’s Bestselling SEO Book in History:
  • #1 in Advertising

  • #1 in Web Marketing

  • #1 in Sales and Marketing

  • #1 in E-Commerce

How To Get to the Top of Google - Now updated including all latest Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Exact Match Domain Updates.

Ever wondered how websites get to the top of Google? Experienced Google Ranking Expert Tim Kitchen shares the secrets of the industry that many pay tens of thousands for.

  • You will learn:
  • How to get your website on the first page of Google

  • How to get your website showing up multiple times on the first page (one of my websites shows up 6 in the first 7 results!!)

  • The 3 'Dirty Secrets' that expensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Experts don't want you to know

  • What you can do for the price of 2 ½ cups of coffee that could have your website ranking top in as little as a day (I have done exactly this and I’ll show you how)

  • The small things you can do to make a BIG difference

  • How to pick apart your competitor’s strategies online and find their weaknesses

  • How to pull off the famous ‘Google Leapfrog’

  • How to tell if you’re wasting money on your SEO company

  • How to make people click on your website even if it shows up below your competitors!

  • How to avoid the deadly mistakes that can lead to Google removing your site from the listings

  • How to survive and thrive post-Penguin

  • Why SEO will exist as long as Search Engines exist, and how to develop a future-proof strategy.

NEW SECTION: Penalty Recovery Case Studies

In this section, you’ll learn how to recover your site from Google ranking penalties. See real life case studies, how long recovery took, and what it meant for the businesses involved. If your website has been affected by a Google Penalty, this section will show you exactly what to do to get your rankings back on track.

Learn How To Rank Your Website

What most people don't understand is that once you know what to do, it's actually extremely straightforward to rank highly in Google. But there's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there, and many businesses feel that the don’t have the time or expertise. The truth is that you can improve your visibility in as much time as you have available, whether it’s an hour per month or 2 hours per day.

Whether or not you plan to do your own marketing, it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the principles behind good ranking so that you judge the quality of the work being carried out.

About Exposure Ninja

Tim Kitchen is a Search Engine ranking expert and Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja. Exposure Ninja works and consults with over 800 businesses each year, in every imaginable market around the world. This real-world experience is what he draws from in this book to show you real life, proven examples of getting websites to the top of Google.

He also regularly teaches SEO to more than 3, 500 small business owners through his books, courses and videos.