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International seo strategies

Strategy / April 29, 2019

CaptureInternational SEO is a very important aspect for any international business’ digital strategy. Large businesses that operate on a global scale need to fully understand their markets from a digital perspective as users’ search behaviour is different in each country.

In addition to that, businesses need to have a proper technical SEO strategy in place in each region they operate in, failing that would make success (e.g. positive rankings and subsequent conversions) more complicated to achieve.

When it comes to International SEO there are several aspects that need to be considered. The marketplace needs to be analysed and competitors need to be identified in each one of them. In many cases there are local competitors that have more “SEO authority” because of their brand image, their history in that given country, and their current relationship with the audience.

Penetrating a new market is not an easy task if there is not a clear understanding of the market and a clear strategy in place.

International opportunity analysis on Google Analytics

An important step that needs to be taken is to analyse traffic data from foreign countries to the site. On Google Analytics under “Audience” and then “Geo” it is possible to see where the traffic is coming from. This will help in identifying opportunities and then make plans to expand the business in new markets.

Google Analytics provides a good breakdown in the “Geo” section as it gives traffic data from countries, cities, continents, and sub-continents.

The breakdown into countries, cities etc. is extremely useful as it can guide the SEO strategy from a local perspective too. Identifying top cities where the traffic comes from is definitely advantageous when devising a local SEO strategy.