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Strategy / May 17, 2017

Link building strategies that don't require content - that's a tough one as most modern and safe link building strategies do require content. Whether that is content that you add to another site such as a guest post or expert commentary to an existing post or whether it is content on your own site that you are using to leverage links from other sites.

I think it helps to ask the question why is content such a useful tool in link building? Why does content allow us to encourage others to link to us? In a nutshell, content provides value. Content provides the 'what is in it for me' factor to the other site. Again, whether you are providing a guest post, an expert comment or contribution or something else altogether, the content provides the value that you exchange for the link.

So, if we are looking to build valuable links without content, then we must also ask ourselves how are we going to provide value? How is this going to help the end user of the target site and how do we add value?

Let me give you an example: a new client of ours recently lost their domain name. It was essentially stolen from them by an ex-employee and whilst this individual has no hope when this goes to court in the meanwhile the business has lost its established domain of over ten years and is operating on an alternative domain. Total bummer.

So, to help this client we are doing two things:

1. We are looking at all existing links to the lost .com domain and contacting website owners to explain the situation and ask them to update their records. This is an obvious one.

2. We are looking for new relevant links using old-school tried and tested methods of link prospecting. To give some context, this client hires out disability hire equipment in Tenerife (scooters and the like). So, we asked the question: who is this information useful to? It's useful to disabled holiday makers, of course, but they don't tend to have websites. Where do holiday makers stay? They stay in hotels and complexes and these hotels and complexes often have useful links pages.

So, with some simple Google queries, we can identify a range of prospects for us to outreach to.

Hotels & holidays in tenerife with a links or resources page:

  • hotel tenerife useful links
  • hotel tenerife inurl:links
  • hotel tenerife intitle:links
  • holiday tenerife inurl:links
  • holiday tenerife intitle:links

Better still hotels or holidays in tenerife with disabled facilities:

  • hotels tenerife disabled facilities
  • hotels tenerife disabled facilities inurl:links
  • hotels tenerife disabled facilities intitle:links

Really, this is the tip of the iceberg and there are a hundred ways to spin the queries to find opportunities (and it's a little like telling the folks that read this blog to learn how to suck eggs) but the point here is not the mechanism used to find the links but rather the thinking used to determine the approach - we want to add value. We want to brainstorm who our target site or page is useful to and how we get it in front of those people.

With this approach we can get our link added to relevant pages and in all likelihood generate more exposure (and business) for the customer even without the SEO benefits. We will likely build a bunch of new relationships with relevant businesses in the process so who knows what further opportunities that may also add for us to investigate later.

Ultimately, the approach always depends upon the specific business but by focusing on where we can add value, even without content then we can ensure that our efforts offer the best possible return on our time. Ultimately, we focus on what we can do to add value and serve the end users of the target sites.

Source: ahrefs.com