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Facebook SEO tips

Tips / February 8, 2018

Choose Basic Information optionYou already know how important it is for your business to have multiple custom tabs. But what do you put on those custom tabs? Are there rules for content you should follow that can help to ensure success for your business? You bet there are!

SEO is important for your fan page even though this is not a website

Even though your Facebook business page is not a website per se, it can be reached via search engines like Google. And that means that search engine optimization (SEO) of your page is just as important for your business website. No matter how good your products or services are, if no one can find you, you will not get customers.

Basic Tips:

  • Facebook Page URL – Selecting your Facebook Page URL (e.g, directly ties into your search engine ranking. If you haven’t started a Facebook Fan Page or gotten a vanity URL, choose the name of your page carefully. When selecting a page name you have two options:
  • Your Brand Name – If you have a recognizable brand name, use that to keep your branding consistent.
  • Service Description – If you have a brand new business that new visitors will only find when searching on the web, consider utilizing rich keywords as part of your page URL. For example, if you own Betty’s Yummy Bakery that specializes in vegan cupcakes in Omaha, Nebraska. You might want to consider a Facebook URL such as
  • About tab – Don’t ignore the “About” description tab of your page. Remember to utilize it to the fullest by posting a detailed, keyword rich description of your business. Search engines utilize this page as part of your Meta description when pulling search results. To edit this section, go to Edit Page option (top right-hand corner of your Facebook Fan page, when you are logged in as Admin on your Facebook page), click Basic Information.
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