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Best Paid SEO Tools

Tools / January 12, 2022

SEO Tools Space is very crowded. There are 100s of SEO tools available and each tool is different.

So, “Best” depends on what actually are you looking for in the tool.

Top 4 paid SEO tools are:

  • SERPed
  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • Majestic SEO

I use SERPed. Reasons I find it best are:

Access to 42 advanced SEO tools with one subscription. No need to look for any other tools. Here are all the 42 tools it offers:

From these results, create a list of seed keyword ideas you would want to rank for.

Ultimate Keyword Research

Enter one of your seed keywords and look for the keyword ideas.

Keyword Analyzer

and look for their keyword difficulty (How easy/ tough is to rank for them).

Long Tail Keyword

Now for this list of keywords, look for for each seed / short tail keyword.

By the end of these 4 steps, you will have a solid keywords list that you can start working on from very next moment.

2)Rank Tracker Tools

One of the most advanced rank tracker tool set:

  • City Tracker - Track ranking for keywords for Local SEO
  • Global Tracker - Track your ranking of your keywords worldwide
  • Maps Tracker - For advanced rank tracking for Local SEO
  • YouTube Tracker - Track ranking of your videos
  • Amazon Tracker

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