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Tools / April 11, 2019

3 Tools That Make Your Search Console Data Even More ValuableThe Search Analytics section of Google’s Search Console gives you Google’s view on your website’s keyword performance. You get to see essential SEO data on impressions, clicks, and CTR at both the query and page level.

However, there are still three big limitations:

  • It’s hard to see and navigate between pages and queries. Your pages often rank for more than one query. Cannibalization can be an issue. Additionally, pages can swap positions in the SERPs for the same query.
  • 90 days of data isn’t enough. Google makes it hard for us to track long-term trends and do comparisons.
  • There’s a lot of data in Search Console, but it’s hard to get to the insights. Wouldn’t it be great if we could know more about data that’s changing, CTR curves, and relative performance?

Whenever SEO professionals discover data or software limitations like these, there’s usually a solution available. In this case, there are actually three! Lucky us.

Here are three tools that integrate with Search Console — and will make your search data more valuable.

1. Console Rocket

Console Rocket is a free tool created by enterprise SEO platform Linkdex, albeit on a separate domain.

This tool gives you a lot of data. More than 100, 000 keywords were returned for one of my client’s domains. These keywords can be exported as well — and it will be stored for over 12 months!

Console Rocket has also pulled together keywords and pages with some really nice drill downs. The tool even helpfully tags keywords into branded and unbranded groups for you.

What’s more, all of these can be filtered, including boolean-like queries for digging into keyword groups. There are also easy to use keyword filters called ‘Show Me’s’. These include:

  • Keywords that have recently gone missing.
  • Keywords that have recently been found.
  • Top and low performing pages (Clicks and CTRs).

Console Rocket provides CTR curves for all of your devices. The differences are quite fascinating between devices, branded and non-branded keywords, and even clients. If you do forecasts using CTR by position data, you must check this tool out.

However, it is important to know - Website Development.

Bonus points to Console Rocket for error reporting and the ability to mark errors as fixed from within the tool.

2. Search Analytics For Sheets

Search Analytics For Sheets is another free tool. It offers a great way to make your Search Console data accessible via Google Sheets.

With that comes lots of features you don’t get via the web interface. Plus you get to use the power of Sheets with your data.

Integration is fast and easy. Once open you’ll see the right sidebar, which you’ll be using to analyze your data.

One of the highlights is that you can apply Groups and Filters. Groups are Date, Page, Query, Country, and Device. The filters apply to the same parameters, but with the addition of rules like Query EQUALS.