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SEO Report Tools

Tools / October 6, 2017

SEO ReportsBing Webmaster Tools now offers SEO reporting based on a set of approximately 15 SEO Best Practices to help you get started in some of the most common page-level recommendations. You can find this information can by clicking on SEO Reports, found under the section in the navigation menu.

The SEO Reports are generated automatically every other week and be available through your webmaster account. Using the same set of SEO Best Practices as the on-demand SEO Analyzer tool, we create bulk reports for all sites listed in your Webmaster account.

Other than checking the reports for what should be looked at or worked on, there is nothing to do as our system takes care of scanning all pages (that appear in our index) and reporting automatically.

SEO Analysis Details

The SEO Reports provide aggregated counts of all the issues found, across the entire website scanned. Clicking on an item in the SEO Suggestions list takes you to SEO Analysis Detail page where we explain the issue and show a sample of pages affected by this non-compliance with the SEO Best Practice.

Starting SEO Analyzer

Clicking on a URL shown on the SEO Analysis Details page will start, which will show you an on-demand of the current webpage you clicked on: a freshly scanned view of any work that’s needed on the page.

Source: www.bing.com