Seo Advice / February 11, 2022

Quicksprout ranking of DIR website

Currently Our Domain Authority Stinks!

Talk about transparency. Have you ever heard about the shoe of the cobbler children? They had holes in their shoes, because, the cobbler was too busy making everyone in town look and feel great in new shoes.

Sadly, we have done the same. Of course, we do not cobble shoes, instead we optimize websites and digital marketing efforts for small businesses. Recently, I decided we needed to update our website as if we were a client, so I asked my team to conduct a site analysis….

Our Report Card Was Surprising:

  • Our overall score was B; not bad, but, understandable due to certain things we admittedly have neglected.
  • Our score was 71; very good, yet, showed some areas that need addressed; specially with social share buttons on blog. [ Please note as of August 1st, 2016 – Hubspot no longer supports this tool.]
  • Our Domain Authority score was 27; dismal and frankly quite shocking. How could we … a Hubspot and Google Partner let this happen.

Then, an even bigger moment of truth — one of our interns asked, “what does a 27 Domain Authority score mean and how do you fix it?” I figured, if we have this question in house, others might have the same question, hence this post originally titled : How To Find Your Website Domain Authority and Know What It Means. And, then modified thanks to Yoast SEO.

Of course, we will dig a little deeper and share some follow-up information once our own score is improved. But, for now here are some basics.

What is Domain Authority?

According to Moz [formerly known as MOZ SEO],

“Domain Authority represents Moz’s best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings.”

In English, Domain authority is a number, or score, given to your website. This score ranges from a 1-100 points in scale.

How Does This Score Impact My Site?

Domain Authority Score SampleDomain Authority is the single most important metrics you need to understand the health of a site. The higher the number, the more authoritative your site is considered to be. Sites with higher Domain Authority scores tend to get better search results.

How To Improve Your Domain Authority Score

In order to increase your website’s Domain Authority score you need to improve your site’s search engine optimization ( SEO ), earn more authoritative back-links, and simply keep your URL the same over time; [Part of the algorithm includes the age of your domain name].

How Do I Find My Domain Authority Score?

All you have to do is go to, type in your site’s URL, and click “search.”

How To Translate Your Website Domain Authority Rating

As you can see from the image below the Domain authority score is found on the left hand corner of the Opensite Explore Report, and highlighted in yellow.

Below is a simple chart we put together to help you better understand the health of your website as related to Moz’s Domain Authority perspective.

Domain Authority Score Ranges Translated:

  • 1-10 : Poor – Odds are your site domain name is fairly new. It shows room for a lot of improvement and growth.
  • 11-20 : Decent – Your website might be pretty, but, it is not fundamentally sound.
  • 21-30 : Fair – Your site is starting to shows signs of good SEO fundamentals, but there still are some basic improvements needed.
  • 31-40 : Competitive – Your website is starting to driving traffic to your site. Not bad. Now, you need to begin working on advanced SEO best practices.
  • 41-50 : Good – Your site has made some nice strides forward. You now want to increase your blogging consistency.
  • 51-60 : Strong – Your website is above average, it is getting good traffic, and is optimized well.
  • 61-70 : Excellent – Your site is great within its niche area of focus. Your site is highly recognized and has a lot of back-links.
  • 71-80 : Outstanding – Your website is on the top of all the search engine page results. Just keep doing what got you here.
  • 81-90 : Superior – Your site has elite status authority. Most likely, this is the highest your site will reach.
  • 91-100 : Rare – These websites are staple names — Wikipedia, Twitter, ESPN, etc. Only a micro-fraction of all sites ever reach this level.

What are the SEO Fundamentals I need to improve my Domain Authority?

As we improve our own score we will share what we are doing — what works, what does not, and eventually will have a unique set of guides and email courses to help you, but, until we get there ourselves we recommend you start here:

What are Advanced SEO Best Practices used to enhance Domain Authority?

Again, we are working on improving ourselves. Soon we will have data backed evident of what really works. Until then, start by reading:


Now, we issue a domain authority challenge. You know our score. Let’s improve together.

  1. Bookmark this page for 30 days.
  2. Comment below with your current website Domain Authority score and URL.
  3. In 30 days come back, and share your score and domain name again, and tell us what you did to improve your domain authority.
  4. Good luck.


Hopefully you now understand website Domain Authority better; where to find it, what your score means, and how to improve it. Come by often to see how we are doing. And, to share your progress as well.