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Analyze SEO Website

Website Promotion / April 15, 2018

At, we make sure to tailor our marketing package to your specific needs. Whether we created the website for you or you have an existing website, our SEO experts will prepare a free, comprehensive written analysis of how your site performs in search results relevant to your practice and location.

Every day we get inquiries from doctors who want us to take over the SEO for their business. Many of these doctors are getting mediocre results with their website’s visibility and would love to do better. We understand how to improve and came up with an affordable service that gets our clients amazing results. Our goal is to have our doctors place very high on page 1 in Google search results for relevant keywords in the towns that are important to them. We will then continue working to maintain and improve this high placement. We constantly investigate Google’s ever-changing algorithm to determine how it is decided what shows up first in organic results, including Google maps/places, and we then adjust our strategies accordingly. Let us explain some of our proprietary SEO techniques and highlight any deficiencies in your website and web presence that we feel can be improved. We will also analyze how your site performs when some keywords that are important for your practice are typed into a search box.