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Website Promotion Plan

Website Promotion / May 21, 2021

Website promotion is easier than you think!

Website promotion plan creation is not all that difficult. However, it does require forethought and knowledge. Just like (I hope) you have a marketing plan for your business, you should have a website promotion plan for promoting your website.

Take a weekend and put the website promotion plan together using the tips and useful information on my website. Then follow it ruthlessly or at least put someone at your company in charge of implementing your website promotion plan. The results will be worth it.

The following list will get you well on your way to creating an online monster that really sells your products or services.

First, you must seduce people into visiting your website

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Forget about registering with search engines

Not to worry. The search engines make their money by giving people the best results for their searches. That means they are constantly searching for new content. They will find you.

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I think you are absolutely amazing.I was so impressed.you hit the nail on the head and after just such a short time with me. I hope to send you a lot of business and I want to do a lot of business with you as well.

Kathie Armstrong
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Put your website URL on everything

I have a picture of my car in the banner at the top of this page. My website URL is on three sides of the car in big, bold (but tasteful) letters. Never miss an opportunity to put your URL on everything that goes out your door. (Including the door.)

Find a way to participate online

That could be a newsletter like Small Business Marketing Secrets, or it could be a blog like WordsmithBlog (you must post to a blog at least three times a week and add to it regularly).

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Another option is to post articles on all the online websites that collect them. I know of one company that has a full time person who does nothing but write and post articles relevant to the company's business. She posts up to fifty articles a week. It's the only advertising the company does and they are swamped with work. Makes you think, doesn't it? What kind of return are you getting from your advertising?

Get some quality links to your website

Quality links are links from important or very popular websites that are very relevant to your business. I know of another firm that sells a limited selection of medical products. And they have only ten incoming links to their website.

However, they are at the top of Google's listings because the websites that link to them are huge information websites like the Centers for Disease Control. The quality of the links coming to your website is way more important than the quantity.

UPDATE - 6-9-2010 - If you're looking for tools to help you simplify or automate your online marketing, I recommend you

Fill your website with "Calls-to-Action."

This is one of the most important things you can do. I don't know how many websites I have come across that have all kinds of information on the website but not one word about "call us right now" with a phone number or "email us now for more information" with a link right there.

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